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  • What does roi (return on investment)mean?
  • ROI is the rate of return on an investment or investment you make on internet investments. With ROI, you can understand how much investment an investment brings to you and whether it is sustainable or not.


  • ROI is one of the most important data in terms of the decision of the continuity of an investment. With ROI, you can see how much your investment is generating and understand directly with net figures by subtracting from the estimates that it is profitable or harmful to continue this investment.






  • ROI Expansion
  • ROI is an English word; means “Return on Investment“. ROI, which is a term used in many aspects of finance, is often found in the internet world in the face of internet users and investors in investments such as investments and advertising expenditures.
  • For example, an advertiser who created an ad campaign through Google AdWords would know what an ROI means to their website, and then look at what the ROI rate is after the campaign ends. On this basis, an advertiser who takes into consideration the ROI rate may be able to convince the investors of the future of their investment by seeing how much profit or loss they have made to them.


  • ROI Analysis
  • ROI Analysis now offers many advanced systems like Google AdWords, but it is also possible for a user to perform ROI analysis with a simple calculation formula. The basic formula used to calculate the ROI should be:
  • ROI = (Investment Gain – Investment Cost) / Investment Cost
  • According to this formula, if the ROI rate stays above 100%, the expenditure realized is profit / return. For example, with an ROI of 130%, we can say that you spend $ 100 and return $ 130 and you are a card. If the recycling rate was 130% instead of 130%, we would see that we had lost 25% of the main money you invested, ie $ 25.
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