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Prunus Mahaleb tree

  • What is Prunus Mahaleb tree, What are the usage areas?
  • (Prunus mahaleb), (Rosaceae)
  • According to the locality among the locals, Mahalab tree, also known as Idris tree, Wild Cherry tree, Prunus mahaleb, the mahaleb cherry, St Lucie cherryEndez is a family of roses with a mature state of white fruits with a flower length of about 10 meters. The flowers bloom in March, the leaves become green and in June they start giving fruit.


  • In the past, in many countries; Irrigation, fertilizer, and the mahaleb tree, which grows spontaneously and spontaneously and frequently used but is not as important as the present day, is both a tree and a fruitful valuable tree. Nowadays more cherry and cherry are grafted to Prunus mahaleb tree.






  • Usage areas:
  • Today, medicines, cosmetics, food, drink, paint, furniture industry benefit from mahaleb wood and fruit.
  • The mahaleb tree, which emits a pleasant aromatic smell due to the substance called kumarin in its shells, is also used in making pipes. They also prefer this tree because of the greatness of those who do furniture and carving work.
  • The oil obtained by distilling the seeds of mahlebs is preferable to the paint and varnishes because of the water resistance.
  • Mahaleb has an important place in the world in wines made.


  • There are salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient of aspirin, in the seeds of Mahalebs, so it is preferred in the pharmaceutical sector for pain relief and antibiotics production.
  • Prunus Mahaleb obtained by grinding the seeds of Mahaleb, desserts and pastries in the kitchens and desserts in our kitchens are indispensable indispensable.
Prunus Mahaleb tree
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