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  • What does powerbank mean?
  • Powerbank (Power Bank), smartphone, tablet computer, laptop computer, MP3 player, camera without any prize are external battery assemblies that help you charge many more products. All Powerbank products serve as a battery carrying energy. First you can charge Powerbank and fill the battery in this device in the desired location, then transfer the energy in this battery to a desired device.


  • How to Charge Powerbank?
  • Most of all Powerbank products come with a charger already supplied with extra power. Most of the time you will use this charger, it has a type of input compatible with the charger of the device. Nearly all Powerbank models offer charging options with the help of Micro USB and USB ports.
  • As mentioned above, if you are going to use a Powerbank device with two types of charging capability, you can charge your device directly from a socket with the help of Micro USB, or you can charge it through your USB port via your computer.


  • How long will Powerbank be charged?
  • This is all about the actual capacity of the Powerbank device you are using. You will need more time to fully charge Powerbank devices with higher capacities, and taking advantage of the different charging modes is another important factor in changing the charging time.






  • Powerbank Fastest Charging Method
  • If you want to charge a Powerbank fastest, you should always go to the charging method from the wall instead of the computer charging method. You will need to wait a long time to populate Powerbank with a stream coming from your computer’s motherboard. However, since the electric current from the socket will be sufficient, the charging process will be completed in a more optimal time.
  • You will use Powerbank when charging, and the charger is one of the criteria that will affect the charging time. For maximum performance, always charge with the charger supplied with your Powerbank. If you have lost this charge cable then you can try a different and original charger compatible with the inputs.


  • Best Powerbank Brands
  • Powerbank’s first outlet and most of the chargers we saw on the market were Chinese-made products that brought our country to China. As it is the electricity that is said to be Chinese, when it goes to the Powerbank models, there is a question mark on the minds of people and there are big question marks on this type of batteries to explode and not explode.
  • We want you to know before you go to branding advice; It is always possible to explode a battery in a Powerbank, but do not forget that this probability is close to 0% if it is to be determined by a hundred percent. If the Powerbank had so many explosions, remember that it is probably cheaper to use these bugs instead of hand bombs during battles.


  • Xiaomi 20000 mAh: Xiaomi’s 20,000 mAh Powerbank model, one of the best quality brands in the far east with its mobile devices and intelligent technological solutions, is one of the most preferred Powerbank models. The device, which has a full charge capacity of 7 times for many devices with high charging requirements like the iPhone 6, also supports fast charging technology. The price of the product ranges from $ 40 to $ 50.
  • Sony Cp-S15S: Powerbank is another of the most preferred models, with 15,000 mAh produced by Sony, another technology giant in the distant past. Thanks to the dual output of the Sony Cp-S15S, which can charge powerful devices quickly and repeatedly, both devices can be charged at the same time. The average price of the Sony Cp-S15S is in the $ 40-70 range.
  • Romoss Polymos 20: Another Powerbank model where Romoss in 20,000 mAh power can charge Powerbank 2.1A faster with output power and can charge two devices at the same time. Prices for Romoss Polymos 20 range from $ 30 to $ 40.
  • Philips DLP10402: Philips is among the best Powerbank brands if your preference is in favor of popular brands, whatever the technological products. The Philips DLP10402 Powerbank has a power rating of 10.400 mAh. Philips’s Powerbank has achieved 3.1A output with its design and small size. The price of the product model ranges from $ 30 to $ 50.
  • Asus ZenPower 10050: ZenPower is one of the most remarkable names in the list, with 10,050 mAh power and with the appropriate number of Powerbank, such as $ 25. Moreover, the output power of Asus ZenPower’s Powerbank is 3.6A. If you are looking for something more economical than other products on the market, ZenPower is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.
  • S-Link Swapp Ip-L44: Although it is not a well-known brand, it uses LG’s battery in S-Link’s Powerbank. Powerbank has 12,000 mAh power and 2.1A output power. The price of the device varies from $ 30 to $ 40.
  • TP-LINK PB50: With its nice and modern design, the TP-LINK PB50 has a capacity of 10,000 mAh and can charge two devices with a 2A output power. The price of the TP-LINK PB50 can vary from $ 30 to $ 40.
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