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Potatoes on Mars

  • According to scientists, potatoes can grow on Mars
  • Just as our ancestors have been here for some time, processing the land to obtain food will be the best way for the first settlers of the Red Planet. Is it possible to take seeds from the Earth and train them on Mars? To answer this question, the International Potato Center (CIP) launched a project named “Potatoes on Mars” in February. (Yes, there really is such an organization!)


  • This venture reminds me of Matt Damon’s potato breeding, which is trying to survive in the Martian film; As it turns out, the science fiction film can turn into reality.


  • The CIP is working with NASA’s Ames Research Center (NASA ARC) to explore whether potatoes can be grown under Mars’s atmospheric conditions.


  • In Lima, with a potato lobe in a “cube-sat” (cubic satellites starting from 10x10x10 cm) developed by the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) engineers, Which is known as the Pampas de la Joya desert, is placed in a satellite sealed vessel sealed. To simulate Mars radiation, the researchers used LED light. Control mechanisms have been set up to control the heat, the atmospheric pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to reflect Mars’s day-to-day temperature difference.






  • Tough Tuber
  • After the first month following the embedding of the tuber, these results are positive. Potter grower Walter Amaros from the CIP says, “It was a nice surprise to have the potatoes we produced for tossing off abiotic stress.” But the CIP’s experiment shows us more than just demonstrating that the first world settlers on Mars in the next decade will be able to throw potatoes; As well as proving that potatoes can live on extreme conditions all over the world. Chris McKay of NASA ARC said in the press release; That this research will be both technologically and biologically beneficial to the world directly.


  • Proving that potatoes can be grown on difficult conditions around the world will help one out of every nine people who are malnourished on the planet. He left; This situation seems to be getting worse when we consider the modern stress sources around us. “The results show that our efforts to grow different species are working to provide durable products in areas affected or affected by climate change,” Amoros says.


  • So in short, the potato can turn into superfood both in space and in the world!
Potatoes on Mars
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