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POP3 (Post Office Protocol)

  • What does Post Office Protocol (POP3) mean?
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is the most commonly used mail protocol for receiving mail from mail client software. Unlike POP2, which is the previous version of the POP protocol, the POP3 protocol has the capacity to receive incoming mail and forward outgoing mail without the need for any SMTP server. Of course, if the mail user wishes to receive mail from POP3 just as it does in POP2, it can perform a more secure SMTP assignment as the outgoing mail server.


  • Set up a POP3 Account
  • You will use it on any computer, smart device or tablet computer. By defining your account with POP3 on a mail client and using it on these devices, the mail client can check your incoming mail via the software and send mail. To set up an account for POP3, you only need to have a mail username and password, which is not enough by itself. In order to perform a successful installation, you also need to have connection information for the POP3 server.


  • You will use it to set up your POP3 account, and only the ISP or mail service provider can tell you about it. If you are using one of the popular services such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, you can access the server information needed for POP3 account setup from search engines or the related pages of these sites.






  • If your service provider is not a popular provider, you need to communicate privately to ensure that you have the necessary information forwarded. If you are setting up an account for an e-mail address that is hosted on your Hosting or server, you can access your mail server information via Cpanel or the automation system you are using.


  • POP3 Port Number
  • The port number to be used for POP3 Mail may vary depending on your server or provider. You can still tell whether the port number is correct by trying the port numbers commonly used for the POP3 mail client. For the incoming server, port 110 is used as the POP3 port and port 995 is used as the outgoing server.
POP3 (Post Office Protocol)
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