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POP (Post Office Protocol)

  • What is POP? Mail POP and POP Settings
  • POP (Post Office Protocol) is a protocol widely used by e-mail software to receive mail via mail servers. There are two different versions of the POP protocol. We define them as POP2 and POP3.


  • POP2 is a protocol used by mail software in earlier times. Old mail software would benefit from the POP2 protocol to get mail sent. As long as the user wanted to send an email, the software absolutely needed an SMTP.


  • POP3 is the latest advanced protocol type used by today’s modern software. The biggest difference between POP3 and POP2 is that it sends and receives mail through the same protocol. It is also an advanced protocol that allows POP3 language users to also use an SMTP to send mail.






  • Mail POP
  • Post Office Protocol, POP, Mail POP or POP Mail are exactly the same thing. Contrary to being written in different forms, all of these are terms that describe the protocols used to send or receive mail.


  • POP Settings
  • As users we are viewing a number of email accounts via web versions. We will need to do POP settings or POP3 Settings (Thunderbird software for example) whenever we want to view and reply to these emails via software instead of the web version. Because the e-mail client (software) we will use will probably not be aware of the settings for the mail service we use.


  • If you have these settings, you can only get it from the service provider. For example, you can find POP3 settings for Gmail only from the Google help pages, and from Outlook’s help pages. If you are going to use mail outside of popular mail distributions, you will have to find out the mail server POP settings of your own server with the help of the hosting management panel you are using.
POP (Post Office Protocol)
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