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Political science

  • What does political science mean?
  • Political science or politics is a field of social science that deals with the political systems and political behavior, examining the practices of political theories.
  • In the past, political science has been conducting research on the concepts of state and power in the narrow sense in the past, but also examines issues such as the analysis of political decisions, the role of social groups in decision and influence relations, political participation, social structure and power relations, political change and development.


  • Working places
  • Comparative politics
  • Political theories
  • International relationships
  • Political economy
  • Community management
  • Political psychology
  • Political philosophy
  • Ideology theory






  • International relationships
  • It is the science that delves into the relations between actors operating in the international arena. International relations developed as a science in Britain in 1919, in the early years of its birth in Aberystwyth, Wales. In this period, discipline-dominated school is idealism. After the war, the center of gravity shifted to the US, and the dominant paradigm became realism. The discipline affected by the behavioralist revolution of the 1960s has now been divided into many subdivisions.
  • Today, with the adoption of the postmodern approach, international relations have gained a different dimension and the states have begun to include individual expansions while generating policy. After liberalism and neo-realism, constructivism, poststructuralism and addiction studies have revealed the most important associations. In addition, international relations are examined in a neuroscientist school with a critical point of view.
Political science
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