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Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

  • Places to Visit in Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean, but the only thing that is small is the surface area. This country, formerly known as Ceylon, has a rich diversity and beauty with an ancient civilization, golden sandy beaches, coconut trees, mountains, rubber and tea plantations. When visiting the island, it is possible to see examples of colonial architecture from the times of Portugal, Holland and English domination. You can also meet leopards in wildlife preservation areas at festivals. Here are 10 places to see in Sri Lanka


  • 10. Bentota
  • Bentota


  • Bentota, south of Sri Lanka, is a tourist beach settlement decorated with coconut trees. Bentota, home to Sri Lanka’s most popular beaches, offers a wealth of opportunities for water sports, surfing, sailing and other activities. Besides, you can see the areas protected by sea turtles and here you can know five of the seven species of sea turtles in the world. A 17th-century castle, lush gardens and historic Buddhist temples are among the other places of interest in Bentota.


  • 9. Nuwara Eliya
  • Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya

  • Sri Lanka is famous for its tea and the tea from here is still known as “Ceylon tea” with its former name of the country. Nuwara Eliya is the best place to learn about tea production in the country. The appropriate climate and altitude of 1900 meters Nuwara Eliya is the tea production capital of the country. Here you can see how tea is produced by walking around the tea plantations. Founded in the 19th century, this high-altitude settlement quickly became a summer resort for British colonists and even called “Little England”. The best time to visit the region in April is to bloom everywhere and celebrate Sri Lanka’s new year this month. Other attractions in the area include Lake Gregory and the most famous waterfalls in the country, Laxapana.


  • 8. Anuradhapura
  • Anuradhapura


  • Anuradhapura is an ancient settlement built on a piece of Buddha’s fig tree. The Anuradhapura palaces, temples, monuments dating back to the third century BC retain their significance for as long as 1300 years – until they were occupied in the 10th century. Like Machu Picchu in Peru, indigenous people were informed of the ancient city, but the Europeans rediscovered Anuradhapura much later. Today the excavations continue in the ancient city, and it is open to visitors at the same time.


  • 7. Colombo
  • Colombo


  • Colombo is at the heart of Sri Lanka’s trade with its large port, which lasts for 2000 years. The city was trading with China and Italy even in ancient times. Colombo is a popular tourist destination today, experiencing Portuguese and British occupations in history. The city is also known as the capital of the country, but in another city near Colombo, the administrative center of the country. Colombo is a city worth seeing, with its lively streets, parks, temples.


  • 6. Yala National Park
  • Yala National Park

    Yala National Park

  • The Yala National Park 240 km from Colombo is a nice place to see elephants, leopards, buffalo, 215 birds and many other animals in the natural habitat, safari and many other interesting activities. Rocky carved Sithulpauwwa temple near the national park.






  • 5. Mirissa
  • Mirissa


  • If you want to make a holiday in a tropical paradise Mirissa is for you. Coconut trees, perfect beaches, lazy and peaceful days are waiting for you here. Mirissa is also home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. There are not many luxury hotels or holiday villages in the region. Suitable for those who want a more calm holiday temposu. There is also the opportunity to see dolphins and whales on the beach.


  • 4. Polonnaruwa
  • Polonnaruwa


  • The ruins of the 12th-century Polonnaruwa are well preserved. It was a city where many of the temples were filled with believers during the golden age, and merchants selling exotic goods on the streets ran. In the ancient city you can see the archaeological museum, the ancient buildings of the palace and the remains of the royal palace.


  • 3. Kandy
  • Kandy


  • The second largest city of Sri Lanka is the entrance gate to the tea and rubber-growing mountainous region at the center of the island of Kandy. It is possible to see the rubber plantations on the way from Colombo to the city. Kandy, capital of the ancient kingdoms, has one of the most sacred Buddhist temples in the world, the “Sacred Tooth” temple. Kandy is also the place where Indiana Jones movies are shot.


  • 2. Galle
  • Galle


  • Galle‘s most famous point is the castle built by the Dutch colonists in the 17th century. This magnificent castle overlooking the Indian Ocean is known for its architectural style. The castle has shops and businesses. The city of Galle is a center of attraction for today’s artists and adventurers who come and settle in from the western countries. One third of the houses in the city were bought by foreigners. The harbor is Sri Lanka’s oldest sea lighthouse, maritime museum, St. Mary cathedral and Shiva temple are other points of interest in the city.


  • 1. Sigiriya
  • Sigiriya


  • Archeology enthusiasts should put Sigiriya on their list. This ancient city is built on a steep hill and spreads a high plateau. It overlooks the tropical forests of the hill, named “Lion’s Rock”, where the city is founded. The city can only be reached by stairs. The antique city fills with ornamental pools, gardens and fountains. Local people count it as the eighth wonder of the world. The history of the ancient city dates back to the third century BC. The settlement, originally established as a monastery, later developed with royal residences.
Places to Visit in Sri Lanka
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