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  • What is the PHP? Scripts, Used for etc.
  • PHP is a widely used scripting and programming language that can be embedded in HTML created for the web. In the early days of PHP, it meant the Personnel Home Page. However, it was later changed to Hypertext Preprocessor to comply with the GNU naming standards.


  • Created by Rasmus Lerdorf in version 1.0.0 in 1995, Php continues to be developed by the PHP community today. The latest version, which is currently used as a stable version, is PHP 5.6.11. You can reach PHP’s official homepage from php.net.
  • Today, more than 250 million websites are working with PHP, and there are more than 2 million web server PHP installations. You can find more detailed PHP usage statistics at the following page.


  • PHP is distributed as open source free software under the PHP License. Also, PHP can be installed on all web servers, almost all operating systems and platforms free of charge.






  • PHP, especially with the MySQL database, performs well under Linux operating system. Because of its similarity to C / C ++, it is quite easy to learn PHP for those who already know this language. Despite its ease of learning and fast performance, it is more appropriate to use Java in large projects that are required to be developed continuously by multiple programmers, in order to make the codes easier to understand, even though they are used for writing famous sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia and OGame. However, PHP is often preferred because it is easier to learn by Java when it comes to developing web-based software only. Although PHP provides significant ease in web design, it does not have to be learned alone after 2005 Google started using AJAX, and it can create a whole with JavaScript, XML, HTML (and CSS) to learn AJAX.


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