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  • How long have been humankind existed since bingbang? How much time pass…?
  • Modern humans have been existed over 50.000 years (For first primats ~ 200.000 year)
  • Well! How many human lived on that timeline?
  • This numbers are looking crazy 🙂 Researchers and scientists said that number is 108 billion ..
  • Well! How many human live in the world now?
  • Now we are > 7 billion people..
  • So whats my purpose for that info 😉 Guess..
  • All this time and all this people on that timeline what was they think? what were they thinking about philosophy science? or how many religions have people experiences. That topics is so mysterious to wik, he loves to search everything about philosophy and religious. Finally he want to share his researchs 😉

Philosophy and Religion article list

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