• What does philology mean?
  • Philology; Is a science that studies the structure of languages, its historical development, and its relations with each other.


  • The ancient Greek has emerged as the result of the combination of philos (love) and logos (word), and the one-to-one translation is “love of words“. It is also called “Beticism“.






  • Philology; Is a historical science that investigates the validity of written documents, whether they are real or not. In philological studies, attempts are made to reconstruct old texts from the period they were produced. The effects and resources of the periods they produce are searched, the original texts are tried to be solved and reconstructed while imitations are determined and their values ​​are measured. Language and written documents are given in terms of language and history.


  • Historical monuments are also used to analyze languages ​​used in alphabets. Rather it is on the relationship with literature and culture. He has existed in the world and studies existing tongues, searching for ties between languages, word exchanges.
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