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  • What is PBX? PBX Telephone and PBX Switchboard
  • PBX (Private Branch Exchange), Private Switch. Often, the companies that you see with customer service, and perhaps even the company you work with, prefer to use the PBX, which is a more useful system instead of the normal and traditional phone system for communication and communication.
  • Thanks to PBX switches, the phones on the same network can communicate freely via the network without having to go out of the network with each other and with the subscriber number. This is a great advantage in dialing as the cost of telephony is reduced for enterprises using a PBX system. In this system, calls to be made outside the company automatically use the telephone network to which the PBX is connected instead of the network. Thus, companies and companies using PBX provide communication and communication with an advanced telephone exchange.


  • PBX Phone
  • Inside the PBX system, instead of regular telephones, more advanced and IP Switching devices are used. We give a PBX Phone name to these devices. PBX phones are sold by special manufacturers with different price policies and may have their own extras features according to their models. (Eg image display and LED Display)






  • PBX Switchboard
  • PBX A PBX is a different type used in the spoken language of the PBX we define at the top of our writing. So, the definition we have done above is also valid for PBX Central. Companies and companies with PBX switchboard system;
  • Reduces phone and communication costs.
  • It can easily contact the subscriber numbers within the company.
  • No new cards are needed to increase the capacity.
  • There is no need for an extra cable network, the installation of a computer network or wireless networks is sufficient for the system.
  • IP Centers can be managed with software that has a web interface.
  • Integration with different systems and software can be provided.
  • Companies and firms with this system have both developed and problem-free communication networks.
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