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  • What does pages mean?
  • Pages is a word processing software designed for use on Apple’s devices with both an iOS operating system and other computers using the MacOS X operating system. For Pages, we can also make Word similar to the one designed by Apple in the MS Office software family. With Pages you can take notes, create documents and documents as you like on your computer or iOS devices, and customize them as you wish. With Pages, which contains a lot of ready-made templates, you can make a point shot and get exactly the documents and documents you need in a very short time.


  • How to use Pages
  • We can say that the way “Pages” works is similar to other word processors, even though they are not very similar. You can upload Pages from your iOS devices or from your Mac using the App Store and start to get the documents or documents you need right away by selecting the desired template with the “New Document” option.
  • Looks like a standard word processor program that looks very different from the pages of a simpler and more minimalist design structure. While the largest area on the screen is reserved for the area you will write, all other details are positioned minimally. The reason for this is, of course, that you can avoid distracting your attention while preparing any document and prevent the focus balance from deteriorating due to details on the screen.
  • The right column of Pages contains a formatting menu for the text on the page. If you select “Format” from here and you are editing your texts, if you are preparing a document that can also be extracted under the “Document” menu, you can make arrangements for the page size.
  • In the upper menu, there are other function keys which are placed so as not to distract. With the help of these function keys, users can also shape their pages and add extra objects.
  • Pages also have general shortcut keys that help users make things easier. Almost all shortcut keys in Word and other word processing software work similarly in Pages. So everything that will not search MS Word as a new Pages user is intended for Pages, a member of Apple’s iWork software package.






  • Saving Pages Files as Word
  • Especially if you are a new Mac owner and have a lot of documentation, you will be the biggest question in your mind once you start working with Apple Pages, how these files will be displayed on other computers.
  • As you know, most of the computer users are using MS Office and Word software. Since no users are able to upload pages to your computer, it is very unlikely that you will have to deal with formatting.
  • Fortunately, with one click on Pages, you can save your file in Word format and make it easy for other computer users to organize or view your files. To save your files in Word format on Pages;


  • In Pages, prepare your document as you please.
  • After you prepare your document, click File> Import Word> Word … from the top left corner.
  • From the next menu you can make a complete compatibility selection for Word. If you do not choose Pages, you will be able to format your file according to the current versions of Word used after 2004.
  • With the Save option, you can now save your Word document as you wish.
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