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  • What is Outlook? Outlook Setup and Getting new Outlook Account
  • Outlook is a Microsoft-based personal information manager. Unlike many people think, Outlook accounts are not just a mail account. You can also use your Outlook account as a Microsoft account and use it with many other services besides mail.


  • Outlook Setup
  • If you want to instantly receive mail from your computer and send mail via a program instead of the web, you can try to use Outlook. Setting up Outlook in the past was a rather painful process. Nowadays, you can now download Outlook via Microsoft’s application store and easily add a new e-mail address from the interface.






  • Getting new Outlook Account
  • It is enough to visit https://signup.live.com to have both an Outlook account and a Microsoft account at the same time. You can open an Outlook account immediately by filling out the information on this page completely.
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