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Organizational Culture

  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • Culture, a rather complex concept, has been described in various ways by various thinkers, but all definitions have come to the conclusion that the cult is a common entity shared by a particular community. Organizational culture, as a subculture, expresses the shared values, beliefs and assumptions of the members of the organization, helps them to understand their work and has become an identity.


  • In this study, the definition of organizational culture has been mentioned and how the elements are classified, how they are formed, how they are changed, and how organizations are classified according to their cultures. As in many social science approaches, approaches to organizational culture are not absolute, they are one of the perspectives and the organizational culture helps to understand.


  • In this context, having a strong culture for an organization is an important competitive advantage. Organizations with different cultures can have different outcomes when the field of activity, environment, product and service are the same. Strong organizational cultures, such as deeply rooted societies and cultures, will fall less in chaos and complexity. In this respect, organizational culture is worth examining and it is necessary to investigate more. The organizational culture belongs to a subculture because it belongs to the society and carries traces of culture. For this reason, the availability of organizational culture studies in the west is limited in our country, and the number of researches on the cultural culture of the country needs to be increased in our country.






  • Organizational culture constitutes the whole of the values ​​that affect the behavior and perceptions of employees working within the organization. In this respect, it guides both lay-ups and employees as codes of perception, judgment and behavior


  • Hence, strong organizational cultures have an influence that reduces the desire of employees to leave the organization. In this respect, organizational culture influences organizational commitment positively or negatively. While organizational culture is strong and increasing organizational commitment to the extent that employees adopt; The weakness and the fact that it is not adopted by the employees also reduces the commitment or causes the commitment to be caused by external factors.
Organizational Culture
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