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Oregon state


  • Oregon is one of the 50 states of the United States, which is located in North America. The Oregon is located in the north-western part of the United States and is one of the most important states of the country. Located in the north of Washington, California and Nevada in the south, and Idaho in the east, Oregon is one of the most popular settlements in the United States. Salem is the capital city of the Oregon, which is one of the provinces in the west, as well as the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Although the capital is Salem, Portland is the most prominent city in Oregon. Portland is not only the Oregon state, but also one of the most important cities in the United States. Oregon is among the 10 largest states in the United States if the area is to be counted as an account. Although it occupies the top 10 as an area, Oregon is the 27th most populous state of Oregon in the United States by population.






  • Located in one of the 30 most populous states in the United States, Oregon is home to approximately 4.1 million people. The United States also has one of the richest states of being that Oregon, the citizens of 61 thousand dollars annually attracts attention by offering welfare. In other words, per capita national income in Oregon is around $ 61,000. This figure is higher than the average of the United States. This puts the province in 17th place among the 20 richest states of the United States of America. The northern part of Oregon, which has a very mountainous geography, is at a higher altitude than the average of the United States. In this sense Mount Hood Mountain’s 3,429m high adds state to the state. Mount Hood is the highest point in Oregon with 3,429m, but the city also attracts attention with its owners at sea level.


  • The Oregon was referred to as the Oregon Territory before assuming the provincial identity. Later on February 14, 1859, Oregon began to take its place on the map as the 33rd state of the United States. Oregon, which is also a coast in the Pacific Ocean, has a very important place in the United States. In particular, the city of Portland is almost alone in the state. “Oregon, My Oregon” in the name of the state song that is the nickname of this location is “Beaver State” is. There is also a motto, “She flies with her own wing“. If you want to reach Oregon, like many tourists, you can use Portland city as a starting point. In this sense, many internationally renowned airline companies operate scheduled flights to Portland International Airport.
Oregon state
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