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  • What is the opposite of zero?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Zero, zero meaning is; Zero, the number 0 in the arithmetic symbol. The zero used frequently in today’s number system represents the absence of a qualification. Ineffective, which does not change the count in the total, the sucker that makes the resultant zero in the stride, and the number of the result in the segment is zero. However, the result is undefined when a count is dropped. For the first time he used al-Khwarizmi (Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi).
  • 0” is the only figure not shown in Roman numerals.
  • Many scales represent zero initial or neutral regions. The right side of the number contains zero plus and minus the left. In temperature ratings, the position of the zero changes according to the rating system. For example, the zero point at Kelvin corresponds to -273 ° C (absolute temperature). In Celsius degree, 0 point is taken as melting / freezing point of the water.
  • There is evidence that Zero was used in the Mayan tribe that lived in Central America during 450 BC. M.S. At around 800, Indians used a symbol similar to zero. Zero from India, M.S. It was also adopted and used in Europe in 1400. The zero word is most likely derived from the Arabic word zero. Sifr is the translation of the word “sanya” which means empty in Hindi.
  • People did not need to apply for a numerical value like zero until 2000 years ago.
  • The most important factor underlying this is the separation of the concept of meaning and absence represented by the number 0 in a thin line.


  • Opposite of zero Verb like VIP, somebody, anything, being, something, thing… 






  • Opposite of zero Adjective like every single, every bit of, all, each and every, bar none, nothing but, barring no one


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