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  • What is the opposite of young?
  • What does young mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Young, young meaning is; Young similar, related words; teen, youthful, junior, adolescent, juvenile, younger, petty, small, little, minor, new, recent, novel, fresh, renewed, inexperienced, clumsy, green, kid, child, infant, cub, nestling, youngster, little one etc.


  • Youth or young is the term used to describe the period from infancy to adulthood. This term is used as a subculture to reflect the physiological, demographic, and sociological situation of adolescence, teenager, group interaction. Education and social movements are a social name given in their research. Identification and dependence carried by your youth occurs at cognitive and moral levels. The physiological development process continues until the age of 30. Mind and body power are the ages when your production is at its peak.






  • Opposite of young Adjective list; old, experienced, adult, healthy, mature, older, sophisticated, established


  • Opposite of young Noun list; parent


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