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  • What is the opposite of yellow?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Yellow, yellow meaning is; The yellow color is one of the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum between green and orange that is visible to the human eye. The wavelength is 565-590 nanometers.
  • The yellow color is a high visibility from distant distances. For this reason, taxis and school services in some countries are yellow.
  • The yellow color is the hex value# FFFF00“, the RGB value is “255; 255; 0“, and the CMYK value is “0; 0; 100;


  • Opposite of yellow Verb like bleach, achromatize, grow, pale, washed out, peroxide, decolor, make pale, decolorize, wash out… 


  • Opposite of yellow Adjective like strong, bold, brave, confident
  • Opposite of yellow color someone say that color is green, but on color wheel opposite of yellow is purple violet.






  • color wheel

    color wheel

  • Color wheel


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