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  • What is the opposite of water?
  • What does water mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Water, water meaning is; Water similar, related words; aquatic, aqueous, juice, aqua, bourn, bourne, hydric oxide, liquid, fluid, sprinkle, irrigate, hydrate, quench, wet, soak, drench, steep, dampen, reconstitute, qualify etc.


  • Water; A compound that is abundant in the world and indispensable for life, odorless and tasteless. Although it is often identified as colorless, it has a natural blue color because it absorbs the light slightly in the red wavelength.
  • In the water, water is found in solid, liquid and gas states. The chemical formula (H2O) comes from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is formed by a neuronal reaction with a substance containing an H + ion (eg acid) and an OH ion (eg base).


  • Scientists think that the life on Earth begins in water. Although the water molecular structure is quite simple and abundant, it behaves quite differently from other compounds under certain conditions. The water in the ice remains floating on the remaining water. In almost all other compounds in the world, the solid phase is the liquid phase and the compound in the solid phase sinks. This feature of the water has some advantages. For example, the ice layer covering the lake surface in a cold region acts as an insulator and protects the bottom life. It will still be impossible for them to continue their lives because they will be exposed to severe cold in the event of a gradual decline.
  • Water is not a flammable substance. Because of this property, it is used as a fire extinguisher. But Oxygen in the water is a burning gas, Hydrogen is a flammable gas. Oxygen and hydrogen combine to form the extinguishing water.


  • H2O represents pure water, the closest example to pure water is rain water. Pure water is not drinkable water for living things, there is no good for people. The minerals it carries for people and living things are very important except for the fluid. Minerals must be mineral in the water that they should drink. Rain water, that is pure water, collects the minerals in the earth structure after the rain, and these rain water forms a stream that is a drinkable water.






  • In order to comply with the disturbance of the buildings which are polluting the underground waters, from the industrial, human life, etc., very high places, mountain streams or natural water supply facilities are built and these natural mineral waters are bottled and sold as “natural spring water” . The minerals and ratios in the soil in each region are different, so the benefits of water can vary according to the regions.


  • Opposite of water Noun list; icicle, permafrost, ice cube, ice, iceberg, cube ice, floe, hailstone, sleet


  • Opposite of water Verb list; collect, dehydrate, dirty, dry, gather, thicken


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