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  • What is the opposite of Walk?
  • What does walk mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Walk, walk(walking) meaning is; Walking is a progressive movement carried out by lifting the legs in a certain order and at regular intervals in the living beings. At least one foot must be in place for the walk to take place. A variety of vehicles can also have a simulated walking function.


  • Walking in life is only seen in vertebrates and arthropods. Both groups move forward or backward with a series of jointed organs (legs), lifting the living body from the ground to a certain height. The legs support the body as well as perform the forward thrust. If the order of movement of the legs does not occur in such a way as to keep the center of gravity of the body within a certain equilibrium area, it loses its live balance and falls.


  • Similar words as walk; walking, gait, hike, pace, tread, toddle, way, road, path, route, track, excursion, stroll, ride, promenade, trip, wander, circulate, walk around, roam, kink, visit, travel, wander, tour, wander in, stroll, amble, saunter, promenade, march, hike.






  • Opposite of walk Verb listlose, obey, stay, stop, ignore, tiptoe.


  • Opposite of walk Noun listamusement, avocation, entertainment, fun, hobby, pastime, recreation.


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