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  • What is the opposite of Under?
  • What does under mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Under, under meaning is; Preposition: i.) beneath and covered by: under a table; under a tree. ii.) below the surface of: under water; under the skin. iii.) at a point or position lower or further down than: He was hit just under his eye. iv.) in the position or state of bearing, supporting, sustaining, enduring, etc.: to sink under a heavy load. v.) beneath the heading or within the category of: Classify the books under “Fiction” and “General.”. vi.) as designated, indicated, or represented by: to register under a new name. vii.) below in degree, amount, etc.; less than: purchased under cost.
  • Adverb: below or beneath something: Go over the fence, not under. viii.) beneath the surface. ix.) in a lower place. x.) in a lower degree, amount, etc.: selling blouses for $30 and under. xi.) in a subordinate position or condition. xii.) in or into subjection or submission.
  • Adjective: xiii.) beneath or on the underside: the under threads of the embroidery. xiv.) lower in position. xv.) lower in degree, amount, etc. xvi.) lower in rank or condition. xvii.) subject to the control, effect, etc., as of a person, drug, or force: The hypnotist had her subject under at once. The patient was under as soon as he breathed the anesthetic.
  • Verb phrases: xviii.) go under, to give in; succumb; yield: She tried desperately to fight off her drowsiness, but felt herself going under. to fail in business: After 20 years on the same corner they finally went under.
  • Idioms xix.) under wraps. wrap.


  • Similar words as under; below, below, beneath, underneath, down, down below, down there, in, in case of, lower, inferior, subordinate, subaltern, nether.


  • Opposite of under Adjective list; upper






  • Opposite of under Preposition list; above


  • Opposite of under Adverb list; above, higher, major, more, over, primary, up, upward.


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