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Transparent, Transparency, Transparence


  • What is the opposite of transparent?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Transparent, transparent meaning is; Transparent, Transparency or transparence an object that does not interfere with the passing of light. the physical property of allowing the transmission of light through a material. Its about that terms clear, distinct, pellucid, liquid, hyaloid, sheer, crystal, gauzy, hyaline, obvious, manifest, evident, glaring, transparent, gross.
  • Transparent, the notion of not being able to pass through the light (being translucent), but also to be able to see through the eyes what is hidden behind. The most commonly used transparent material is glass. Glass-made mirrors are not generally transparent, but semi-transparent mirrors that can be seen behind in the performing arts are used to create ghost effects.Transparent, metaphorically hidden from external observers.







  • Opposite of transparenttransparencytransparences Adjective like opaque, unclear, blocked, cloudy, dark, questionable, unintelligible, vague, complicated, deceitful, devious, difficult, dishonest, hard, involved, lying, tricky, untrustworthy… 


Transparent, Transparency, Transparence
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