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  • What is the opposite of time?
  • What does time mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Time, time meaning is; Time similar, related words; when, while, tense, day, date, period, duration, while, term, length, hour, while, father time, season, times, age, schedule, adjust, set, collimate etc.


  • Time, a period that can be measured or measured, a continuity without spatial dimension. The notion of time is one of the important fields of mathematics and physics as well as one of the fields of interest of philosophy throughout history.


  • Time in physics
  • Time is a relative concept. We are also considered to be the abstract space of three space and time-dimensional space-time that we are in time. According to Aristotle, time movement has emerged as a product of time movement. This is also the case in relative terms. The time is defined by the letter ‘t’ in physics (the initial letter of the tempus word meaning Latin time). Whether or not time exists objectively is at the beginning of the most important and unresolved issues of physiology. The time that is shorter than the one in Planck’s time, 10^43, is considered to be the beginning of the black hole environment and the boundary of the 3 + 1 dimensional space we are in to the physicists. It is assumed that it can be twisted like light. So it is thought by many scientists whether time travel is possible or not. Whether or not the time flows or in which direction the act is also the most controversial subject of physics and everything in space is in time. The cause-and-effect relationship is related to the time stream arrow, whereas the time arrow is theoretically possible.


  • Time is also directly related to the speed of light, and in the event that the material approaches the speed of light, the time flows slowly, stops at the speed of light and reverses beyond the speed of light; The hypothesis that the subatomic particles called taklanes move fast from light and that their time may be in the future from past to future or from infinite number of possibilities in space we are in are also the basis of modern physics and Relativity Theory.






  • Time measurement
  • There is no disagreement about the measurement of time, even if a full settlement is not reached. Time is one of the quantities that can be measured most precisely in physics.
  • A numerical value is assigned to any range or range in time measurement. Any event that is constantly changing in this assignment can be used. There are also two main independent scales used in time measurement:


  • Atomic measurement – Utilizes the characteristic frequency of the electromagnetic radiation used to carry out the quantum change between the internal energy states of the atoms.
  • Dynamic measurement – uses gravitational motions of celestial bodies. These measurements revealed the ending months and solar calendars.


  • History of Time
  • Throughout history, man has tried to measure time by various methods. At first, it is enough for people to know only the time of rain, snow, cold, warmth; The seasons say the time of harvest, migration or harvest. Humanity, which needs ever smaller units of time, has begun to divide the year into months and weeks. The dates of smaller units of time are parallel to the calendar. Sumerians are the ones who first divide years and days into units. The work of measuring the time continuing with the Egyptians has been thoroughly developed in Greek and Roman civilizations. According to ancient Egyptian priests; The destruction of the energy, or the transformation of the energy with another meaning, and the sign of the eternal God.


  • Opposite of time Noun list; future, past, ending


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