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  • What is the opposite of Smart?
  • What does smart mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Smart, smart meaning is; Verb (used without object): to be a source of sharp, local, and usually superficial pain, as a wound. Other meaning to be the cause of a sharp, stinging pain, as an irritating application, a blow, etc. Other meaning to feel a sharp, stinging pain, as in a wound. Other meaning to suffer keenly from wounded feelings. Other meaning to feel shame or remorse or to suffer in punishment or in return for something.Other meaning of smart: Verb (used with object): to cause a sharp pain to or in. Other meaning of smart: Adjective, smarter, smartest: quick or prompt in action, as persons. Other meaning having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability. Other meaning socially elegant; sophisticated or fashionable. Adverb: in a smart manner; smartly. Other meaning of smart: Noun: a sharp local pain, usually superficial, as from a wound, blow, or sting Other meaning keen mental suffering, as from wounded feelings, affliction, grievous loss, etc. 


  • Similar words as smartintelligent, clever, cute, wise, astute, bright, brilliant, discerning, stylish, elegant, chic, sleek, fashionable, cunning, crafty, shrewd, sly, slick, nice, beautiful, lovely, good, pretty, awake, vigilant, waking, alert, aware, important, significant, dodgy, downy, showy, flashy, flamboyant, spectacular, arty, sharp, keen, pungent, acute, strong.


  • Opposite of smart Verb listaid, help, assuage, soothe.






  • Opposite of smart Adjective liststupid, clumsy, dark, dull, foolish, honest, ignorant, lazy, light, naive, normal, slow, typical, unaware, unclever, unintelligent, blunt, obtuse, sluggish, unskilled, apathetic, dowdy, lethargic, old, unfashionable, unstylish, worn, shabby, idle, rough, inactive, unkempt, quiet, meek, shy, timid.


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