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  • What is the opposite of Small?
  • What does Small mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Small, small meaning is; Adjective, smaller, smallest: of limited size; of comparatively restricted dimensions; not big; little. Other meaning slender, thin, or narrow. Other meaning not large as compared with others of the same kind. Other meaning (of letters) lowercase. Other meaning not great in amount, degree, extent, duration, value, etc. Other meaning not great numerically. Other meaning humble, modest, or unpretentious. Other meaning very young. Other meaning of small: Adverb, smaller, smallest: in a small manner. Other meaning into small pieces. Other one, in low tones; softly. Other meaning of small: Noun: something that is small. Other meaning those who are small. Other meaning of small: Idioms: feel small, to be ashamed or mortified.  


  • Similar words as small; little, minor, young, younger, petty, few, under, short, poor, peddling, petite, tiddly, light, mild, lightweight, slight, mini, tiny, insignificant, trivial, unimportant, negligible, immaterial, bantam, slender, footling, pint-sized, back, rear, posterior, backing, teeny, smallish.


  • Opposite of small Adjective listbig, major, important, significant, substantial, unrestricted, consequential, first-class, first-rate, superior, useful, benevolent, broad minded, considerate, distinguished, enormous, excellent, famous, fine, generous, giving, huge, immense, kind, large, untrivialadequate, fat, great, liberal, rich, sufficient, tall, thick, unlimited, wealthy, wide, giant, noble.






  • Opposite of small Noun listcapital, initials, humongous, the Hill, political front, uncial, small cap, principal city, majuscule.


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