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  • What is the opposite of self-confident?
  • What does self-confident mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of self-confident, self-confident meaning is; Self-confident, (Self-confidence) people’s subjective evaluation of their value, the reviews of the extent to which people have a positive or negative features of their own.
  • Self-confidence; (Despair, Shame, Pride) as well as the attitudes of these feelings and thoughts (Shyness, Attention, Judgment) as well as the thoughts of the person himself (eg I am an intelligent person)
  • It is possible to think of self-confidence as a continuing personality trait and a temporary psychological state. Finally, self-confidence can be considered as a general concept as well as a limited area (eg I think I am a good person and I am always proud of myself for this reason)







  • Opposite of self-confident Adjective like; insecure, humble, meek, unself-confident, unsure


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