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  • What is the opposite of Regular?
  • What does regular mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Regular, regular meaning is; Adjective: usual; normal; customary. Other meaning evenly or uniformly arranged; symmetrical. Other meaning characterized by fixed principle, uniform procedure, etc. Other one recurring at fixed times; periodic. Other meaning and usage, occurring with normal frequency, as menses or bowel movements. Other mean orderly; well-ordered.  Other meaning of regular:  Noun: a long-standing or habitual customer or client. Other meaning and usage, Ecclesiastical. a member of a duly constituted religious order under a rule. Other meaning a size of garment designed for men of average build. Other one an athlete who plays in most of the games, usually from the start. Other one a garment, as a suit or overcoat, in this size.


  • Similar words as regular; organized, tidy, orderly, steady, ordered, ordinary, standard, normative, normal, usual, common, commonplace, smooth, straight, shapely, neat, formal, fluent, continuous, permanent, sustained, continued, frequenter, denizen, patron, habitue, monk, recluse, friar, priest, hermit.


  • Opposite of regular Adjective listunusual, irregular, intermittent, inconsistent, abnormal, atypical, different, special, uncommon, unconventional, untraditional, exceptional, rare, anomalous, changing, disorderly, eccentric, extraordinary, imbalanced, infrequent, unsteady, variableunstable, untrustworthy, weak, broken, disordered, indefinite, rough, uneven, unfair.






  • Opposite of regular Noun listfreak, soldier of fortune, miscreation, crochet.


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