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  • What is the opposite of Reality?
  • What does reality mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Reality, reality meaning is; Noun: realities: the state or quality of being real. Other meaning, resemblance to what is real. Other meaning, a real thing or fact. Other meaning and usage, real things, facts, or events taken as a whole; state of affairs. Other meaning of reality: something that is real. Other usage, something that constitutes a real or actual thing, as distinguished from something that is merely apparent. Other meaning of reality: Adjective: noting or pertaining to a TV program or film that portrays nonactors interacting or competing with each other in real but contrived situations, allegedly without a script.


  • Similar words as reality; truth, authenticity, actuality, genuineness, trueness, the real, fact, truth, the true, right, sooth.






  • Opposite of reality Noun listidealism, make believe, abstract, concept, falseness, idea, belief, fantasy, hypothesis, imagination, theory.


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