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  • What is the opposite of quality?
  • What does quality mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Quality, quality meaning is;
  • What is quality?
  • Quality is to be able to respond to customer requests with the simplest definition.
  • The first records of quality dates back to 2150 BC. Article 229 of the famous Law on Banned Substances contains the following expressions; ‘If a building master makes a house for a man and the house made is not strong enough and crashes on top of his owner and causes him to die, then the head of the building master will be blown’.
  • Qualities comes from the word “qualis” which means “how it is formed” in Latin. Accordingly, quality refers to what product or service is being used and what it is. Today, however, quality is used to express superiority and good formation. For this reason quality includes personal values.
  • There are different definitions on quality, different perspectives and different schools.
  • As a general definition; Quality is the sum of the characteristics of a product or service based on its ability to meet or meet specified needs.
  • Dr. Joseph Juran, quality is convenient to use.
  • Philip B. Crosby‘s point of view is quality; The system’s conditions and student compliance.
  • The quality definition of the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) is; All of the characteristics that characterize the ability of a good or service to meet a particular need are the quality.
  • According to the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, Is a production system that produces the product or service in an economical way and responds to the wishes of the consumer.
  • The concept of quality has been renewed since the 1960s and has become human-focused. It is foreseen that the quality is not only the responsibility of production control but also the responsibility of all employees. The idea that the competition to be made between companies should be with the quality of produced goods rather than quantity of production has come to the forefront







  • Opposite of quality Noun like; inferiority, disadvantage, insignificance, unemployment, unimportance, worthlessness



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