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  • What is the opposite of Poor?
  • What does poor mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Poor, poor meaning is; Adjective, poorer, poorest: having little or no money, goods, or other means of support. Other meaning Law. dependent upon charity or public support. Other meaning, characterized by or showing poverty. Other one, deficient or lacking in something specified. Other meaning and usage, faulty or inferior, as in construction. Other meaning of poor: Other meaning, excessively lean or emaciated, as cattle. Other one, deficient in moral excellence; cowardly, abject, or mean. Other mean humble; modest. Other meaning of poor: Noun: (used with a plural verb) poor persons collectively (usually preceded by the)


  • Similar words as poor; worse, evil, ill, nasty, bad, indigent, needy, pauper, in need, penurious, low, faint, thin, lean, weak, destitute, indigent, distressed, pitiful, wretched, sorry, pitiable, little, small, few, under, short, wretch, rep, codger.


  • Opposite of poor Adjective listrich, privileged, superior, full, solvent, healthy, noble, able, adequate, bold, brave, extraordinary, strong, sufficient, abnormal, big, excellent, formal, important, large, nice, refined, significant, sophisticated, tall, uncommon, affluent, fertile, fortunate, great, happy, lucky, potent, wealthy.






  • Opposite of poor Noun listmonied, haves, rich, old money.


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