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  • What is the opposite of opposite ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Opposite, opposite meaning is; Opposite, antithetic, or antonym is a term used to describe words that have opposite meanings. The concept can be used both as a name and as an adjective.
  • Examples
  • Down-up
  • Optimistic – Pessimistic
  • Forward – Backward
  • Night – Day
  • Big – Small






  • Opposite of opposites Adjective like matching, adjacent, agreeing, similar, compatible, like …
  • Opposite of opposites Noun like agreement, same, similarity, likeness
  • Opposite of opposites Adverb like collectively, in the same way, unitedly, concertedly, cooperatively, harmoniously, in like manner, unanimously, correspondingly, agreeingly, withal, nemine, contradicente, concorantly, in addition, likewise, undisputedly, without dissent, consensually, all together, in unison, nem con, communally, as well
  • Opposite of opposites Preposition like beside


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