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  • What is the opposite of Opaque?
  • What does opaque mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Opaque, opaque meaning is; 
  • Adjective:
  • i.) Not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.
  • ii.) Not transmitting radiation, sound, heat, etc.
  • iii.) Not shining or bright; dark; dull.
  • iv.) Hard to understand; not clear or lucid; obscure: The problem remains opaque despite explanations
  • v.) Dull, stupid, or unintelligent.
  • Noun:
  • vi.) Something that is opaque.
  • vii.) Photography. a coloring matter, usually black or red, used to render part of a negative opaque.
  • Verb (used with object), opaqued, opaquing:
  • viii.) Photography. to cover up blemishes on (a negative), especially for making a printing plate.
  • ix.) To cause to become opaque.


  • Similar words as opaque; sober, lackluster, mat, matt, dull, cold, dim, glassy, sunproof, light-proof, cloudy, overcast, clouded, nebulous, murky, incomprehensible, unintelligible, inexplicable, vague, obscure, giddy, silly, dizzy, stupid, dozy, monotone, monotonous, humdrum, pedestrian, drab, colorless, uncolored, uncoloured, pale






  • Opposite of opaque Adjective listtransparent, clear, bright, intelligent, light, luminous, smart, sparkling, sunny, thin, vivacious, crystal-clear, easy, lucid, translucent, unambiguous, unclouded, understandable, certain, comprehensible, definite, determined, intelligible, sure


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