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  • What is the opposite of Normal?
  • What does normal mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Normal, normal meaning is; Adjective: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural. Other meaning serving to establish a standard. Other meaning of normal:  Noun: the average or mean. Other meaning the standart or type. 


  • Similar words as normal; regular, ordinary, standard, normative, usual, common, commonplace, typical, characteristic, representative, modal, average, mean, medium, par, equated, rule, vertical, perpendicular, upright.






  • Opposite of normal Adjective listabnormal, different, disorderly, extraordinary, irregular, rare, uncommon, untraditional, unusual, exceptional, extreme, eccentric, insane, irrational, odd, strange, unbalanced, unconventional, poor, sick, unhealthy, unfit.


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