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  • What is the opposite of nocturnal ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Nocturnal, nocturnal meaning is; Nocturnal means that the nights are active.
  • Nocturnal animals (creatures) are those who are active at night, listening to daylight. While some animals, such as bat and galago, are totally void, there are creatures that are active both day and night, or just in the dark, like a cat.
  • The main reasons for late-night bees to be active at night are to increase their chances of hunting, reduce the risk of being a predator, and reduce water loss to a minimum level. In particular, the survival of some species living in the environment, such as overnight, will increase osmoregulation in these species.
  • The late-life organisms often have strong smell and / or hearing sensations. They are usually kept in dimly lit areas to keep them active during visiting hours at the zoo.
  • Some live species, which are normally active during the day, may behave at night during reproduction. For example, some water birds and water turtles lay eggs only in the night to protect themselves and their offspring from predators, and only overnight are collected in the spawning areas.
  • While it is difficult to say which came first, nocturnality or diurnality, there is a leading hypothesis out in the evolutionary biology community. Known as the “bottleneck theory“, it postulates that millions of years ago in the Mesozoic era, many ancestors of modern-day mammals evolved nocturnal characteristics in order to avoid contact with the numerous diurnal predators.







  • Opposite of nocturnals Adjective like diurnal
  • The common adjective is “nocturnal“, versus diurnal meaning the opposite.


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