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  • What is the opposite of minor?
  • What does minor mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Minor, minor meaning is; most common usages;
  • i.)The rank is lower than the degree. ii.)The dimensions are smaller than those of similar, micro, iii.)Less aged iv.)Less quantifiable v.) The downside vi.)Backstage: A small officer. vii.)Worthless, insignificant viii.) Slight, non-bright (sound)


  • Similar words as minor; small, little, minor, young, younger, petty, underage, subsidiary, derivative, side, extraneous, kid, child, infant.


  • Opposite of minor Noun listadult.






  • Opposite of minor Adjective listmajor, big, consequential, important, significant, superior, useful, worthwhile, chief, necessary, strong, adult, greater, large.


  • Opposite of minor Adverb listwith sobriety, all joking aside, in earnest, thoughtfully, cut the comedy, sternly, precariously, in all conscience, menacingly, perilously, straighten out, with forethought, cool it, for real, with straight face, harmfully, in all seriousness, actively, seriously, threateningly, purposefully, regrettably, fervently, grievously, deplorably, gravely, simmer down, distressingly, with a straight face, determinedly.


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