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  • What is the opposite of Little?
  • What does Little mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Little, little meaning is; Adjective, littler or less or lesser, littlest or least: small in size; not big; not large; tiny. Other meaning short in duration; not extensive; short; brief. Other meaning small in number. Other meaning younger or youngest. Other meaning being such on a small scale. Other meaning not strong, forceful, or loud; weak. Other meaning amusingly small or so considered. Other meaning of little: Adverb, less, least: not at all (used before a verb). Other meaning in only a small amount or degree; not much; slightly. Other meaning seldom; rarely; infrequently. Other meaning of little: Noun: a small amount, quantity, or degree: They did little to make him comfortable. Other meaning a short distance or time. Other meaning of little:  Idioms: in little, on a small scale; in miniature. Other meaning little by little, by small degrees; gradually. Other meaning think little of, to treat casually; regard as trivial.  


  • Similar words as little; small, minor, young, younger, petty, few, under, short, poor, peddling, petite, tiddly, vulgar, common, ordinary, lewd, a little, only just, modicum, drop, trifle, dribblet.


  • Opposite of little Adjective listlarge, major, big, consequential, huge, important, significant, useful, enormous, giant, great, immense, magnanimous, magnificent, massive, open, open mindedadequate, fat, sufficient, lengthy, long, older, substantial, tall, broad minded, generous, kind, liberal, noble.






  • Opposite of little Adverb listwell, frequently, more, much.


  • Opposite of little Noun listmound, lot, glob.


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