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  • What is the opposite of keen ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Keen, keen meaning is; Keen as mean cuts very well and sometimes treble (sound) is used. On the ground Effective, hard. In other words, it is crushing and hurtful. Also used in different like smart, precise, concerned and careful.
  • Keen word about like same thing with sharp, pungent, acute, strong, cutting, willing, eager, enthusiastic, ready, solicitous, curious, prying, interested, keen, inquisitive, nosy, strong, powerful, robust, potent, mighty.


  • Opposite of keens noun like mild, blunt, prohibitive, insensitive, indifferent, apathetic, calm, cool, dispassionate, peaceful, unconcerned, unenthusiastic, lethargic, dull, idiotic, ignorant, obtuse, pointless, reluctant, stupid, uninterested, moderate, kind, nice, soothing, sweet, foolish, lazy, slow, unintelligent







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