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  • What is the opposite of insomnia ?
  • What does insomnia mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Insomnia, insomnia meaning is; Insomnia or drowsiness is a sleep problem. It has problems sleeping or not sleeping all night long. In general, patients complain that they can not sleep until they can keep their eyes closed for more than a few minutes or turn back and forth in bed.
  • Insomnia lasts for a couple of nights, but if it lasts from 1 week to 3 weeks, it lasts for a short time. If it lasts more than 3 weeks, it causes chronic insomnia. It can be quite harmful in terms of lack of sleeping by becoming a chronic disease.
  • Insomnia disrupts the natural sleeping balance and repair can be quite difficult. Insomnia patients generally have difficulty sleeping at night, since they generally sleep for a short time after coming to school or in the evening. Others try to use their bodies at their borders. This leads to very important physical and mental problems.


  • Insomnia can also occur as a side effect of many medications, due to stress, or in the direction of emotional, physical and mental problems.
  • In order to get rid of Insomnia, sleeping pills as well as some plants such as valerian can be applied.
  • At the beginning of the traditional methods, drinking hot milk before lounging; It wakes up to get a hot shower, exercise at noon, eat plenty at lunch, eat less at dinner, and work to sleep early.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine has been used in favor of insomnia for nearly a thousand years, usually acupuncture, diet and life analysis, plants are the main measures.


  • Insomnia Disease Prevention Measures
  • Try not to use caffeine. Caffeine; Coffee, tea, guarana, coca cola (all coke beverages), energy drinks, chocolates and candies.
  • The bedroom environment is also very important to be able to sleep. Some people, light and water can be extremely sensitive. It is necessary to make the bedroom dark and quiet.
  • If you are in your bed, reading, writing, watching television and doing many activities, You break your relationship to sleep with your bed. Besides, you have to go to bed at a certain hour and wake up in a certain hour. Try not to sleep during the day.
  • If you are using stimulant medication (such as ritalin, concerta, adderall, etc.), you may find it helpful to report your insomnia complaint and the use of this medication in the context of contraindications.
  • In addition to this, solving against insomnia can be achieved using many methods at the same time.
  • You’re completely out of your head. Try to read books, listen to music, make puzzles, scribble things, and even write blank things on blank paper. You will find it easier to switch to sleep in 1-2 days.







  • Opposite of insomnia Noun list; relaxation, sleep 


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