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  • What is the opposite of hope ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Hope, hope meaning is;  Hope can be defined as emotional belief in the possibility that a person can have positive results about events and situations in his / her personal life. In other words, “confidence emanated from hope, hope” or “someone or something that gives this feeling“. Hope can be described as “wanting to have something, waiting” or “guessing“.


  • According to this, hope can be defined as a feeling of trust, which is usually a good idea, or a sense of faith, which is a good hypothesis. Hope usually involves perseverance in a certain sense, that is to say, even if there is certain evidence in the opposite direction, it may involve believing that something is possible.


  • Hope can have different uses from different directions. For example, in some religions hope is a virtue, and vice versa, despair can be described as a rebellion against God (or gods). These religions can be given as an example of Christianity. In these religions, faith and hope are together and always must be hoped for in the Hereafter. One should never cut off from God.






  • In mythology the concept of hope is explained with different stories. In most mythologies, hope is identified with a particular god or goddess. For example, in Greek mythology, the concept of hope is embodied as Elpis, the embodiment of Elpis hope. Pandora, when Pandora’s Box opened, all the evils flew away – except one thing: Hope. Mitte has been accomplished by the fact that humanity does not last forever in despair, and Pandora takes out the hope in the box after a while. In Roman mythology, hope is the last goddess, Spes; Ultima dea. They say.


  • Opposite of hopes adjective like despair, disbelief, dislike, distrust, doubt, fear, hate, hatred, hopelessness, fact, reality, truth, discouragement, pessimism, presumption, impossibility



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