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  • What is the opposite of help?
  • What does help mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Help, help meaning is; Help similar, related words; assistant, auxiliary, helper, aide, aid, assistance, aid, support, assist, relief, rescue, succor, succour, solution, resolution, remedy, answer, maid, servant, housemaid, lend assistance, be subsidiary to, rescue, save, recover, salvage etc.
  • Help means using your own strength and possibilities for the sake of someone else’s benefit. In other words, contribution is provided to make jobs more efficient and productive.


  • Opposite of help Verb list; hinder, worsen, block, condemn, delay, depress, discourage, dissuade, halt, handicap, harm, hurt, impede, neglect, obstruct, prevent, refuse, stop, undermine, conceal, disapprove, frustrate, hide, ignore, oppose, protest, check(US), cheque(UK), counteract, decrease, injure, destroy, increase, accuse, blame






  • Opposite of help Noun list; hindrance, blockage, encumbrance, handicap, hurt, injury, obstruction, prevention, disease, check(US), counteraction, harm, management, ownership, stop, antagonist, boss, enemy, manager, opponent


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