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  • What is the opposite of green ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Green, green meaning is; The green color is one of the visible colors of the electromagnetic spectrum. Green color is one of the intermediate colors. The wavelength is 550 nanometers.
  • The leaves of plants are green because of chlorophyll. Green color is also used by environmentalist movements.
  • Green color is hex value# 00FF00“, RGB value is “0, 255, 0“, and CMYK value is “100, 0, 100, 0“.
  • Green; Fresh, and undeveloped, raw meaning. It is also used in the young, lush sense


  • Opposite of greens adjective like experienced, healthy, adult, dying, mature, old, shrinking, withering, expert, skilled, witheredworn


  • Opposite of green colorGreen color is made of the primary colors blue and yellow. Actually only for colors we can say this; whites opposite black and black opposite white. But this intermediate colors opposite is not exist, but someone think Opposite of green color is yellow. some think it’s red color, some said it should be orange color. So this question is not too logical. But on color wheel that opposite color is red






  • color wheel

    color wheel

  • Color wheel



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