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  • What is the opposite of Gentle?
  • What does gentle mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Gentle, gentle meaning is; Adjective, gentler, gentlest: kindly; amiable. Other meaning not severe, rough, or violent; mild. Other meaning moderate or gradual. Other meaning characteristic of good birth; honorable; respectable. Other meaning soft or low. Other meaning of gentle: Verb (used with object), gentled, gentling: to tame; render tractable. Other meaning to mollify; calm; pacify. Other meaning to make gentle. Other meaning to stroke; soothe by petting. Other meaning to ennoble; dignify.


  • Similar words as gentle; polite, delicate, affable, kind, courteous, soft, tender, smooth, mild, bland, nice, urbane, refined, docile, tame, submissive, compliant, malleable, understanding, indulgent, considerate, receptive, discerning, tolerant, indulgent, lenient, permissive, forgiving.






  • Opposite of gentle Adjective listimpolite, agitated, rough, boisterous, callous, rude, cruel, disagreeable, uncivil, coarse, excited, unmannerly, unrefined, fierce, hard, unsophisticated, harsh, hateful, crude, healthy, loud, intelligent, irritable, low, mean, odorous, noisy, merciless, putrid, sharp, roused, significant, severe, strong, surly, smart, troubled, uncompassionate, unkind, violent, unfeeling, wild, unfriendly, turbulent, unhappy, uncontrolled, heavy.


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