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  • What is the opposite of Fresh?
  • What does fresh mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Fresh, fresh meaning is; Adjective: fresher, freshest. Newly made or obtained. Other meaning recently arrived; just come. Other meaning new; not previously known, met with, etc.; novel. Other meaning additional or further. Other meaning not salty, as water. Other meaning retaining the original properties unimpaired; not stale or spoiled. Other meaning looking youthful and healthy. Other meaning not preserved by freezing, canning, pickling, salting, drying, etc. Other meaning of freshNoun: Other meaning the fresh part or time. Other meaning a freshet. Other meaning of freshAdverb: Other meaning newly; recently; just now.


  • Similar words as freshgreen, new, crisp, raw, hot, clear, neat, pure, tidy, clean, renewed, young, live, alive, living, lively, vibrant, cool, chilly, vigorous, hale, crispy, hearty, freshly, chill, freshness, coolness


  • Opposite of fresh Noun listdulled






  • Opposite of fresh Adjective listold, soiled, musty, rotting, hackneyed, tired, experienced, normal, old fashioned, standard, warm, exhausted, gentle, kind, lifeless, polite, stale, unenergetic, used, worninactive, lethargic, boring, calm, cloudy, dark, dirty, dreary, dull, flexible, gloomy, ignorant, impure, indefinite, indistinct, lazy, moderate, obscure, polluted, slow, soft, stupid, temperate, uncertain, unchaste, unintelligent.


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