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  • What is the opposite of Common?
  • What does common mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Common, common meaning is; Adjective, commoner, commonest: belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question. Other meaning, pertaining or belonging equally to an entire community, nation, or culture; public. Other meaning, widespread; general; ordinary. Other one, hackneyed; trite. Other meaning of common: Other meaning and usage, lacking rank, station, distinction, etc.; unexceptional; ordinary. Other one, Anatomy. forming or formed by two or more parts or branches. Other meaning, of, relating to, or being common stock. 


  • Similar words as common; joint, collective, mutual, agreed, fellow, widespread, extensive, prevalent, diffuse, pervasive, generic, broad, overhead, general, public, communal, consociate, known, familiar, proverbial, given, conversant.






  • Opposite of common Adjective listindividual, uncommon, particular, private, separate, singular, specific, abnormal, aristocratic, cultured, excellent, extraordinary, high, infrequent, noble, noteworthy, rare, refined, scarce, sophisticated, superior, unusual, valuable, different, exceptional, irregular, peculiar, unconventional, unfamiliar, unorthodox, original, nice, rich, wealthy.


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