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  • What is the opposite of careless?
  • What does careless mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Careless, careless meaning is; Careless similar, related words; inattentive, remiss, unwary, listless, inadvertent, irrelevant, unrelated, disinterested, indifferent, uninterested, daring, gutsy, bluff, nonchalant, neglectful, remiss, negligent, neglectful, carefree, light-hearted, light etc.


  • Attention is the power to concentrate thought on something. Attention is the focus of consciousness. Objectively, it requires selecting from a whole range of sensory or memory information, a section for later use. Among the various people speaking at a meeting, there are different attention to the different efficiency levels when looking at a painting while looking at a painting only, concentrating on colors alone, without looking at shapes, searching for a person in the crowd, or concentrating on solving a mental problem. It indicates that the individual has to choose, is a limit to perceiving, thinking or doing many things at the same time. Attention is the behavioral and cognitive process that focuses on choosing the direction of a given knowledge, subjective or objective, and ignores other perceivable aspects of that knowledge from the other side. Careless people have difficulties in these elections. Attention is the allocation of limited operative resources. Careless people behave carelessly.






  • Opposite of careless Adjective list; careful, considerate, attentive, caring, mindful, responsible, accurate, cautious, concerned, guarded, kind, painstaking, prudent, ready, scrupulous, thoughtful


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