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  • What is the opposite of calm ?
  • What does calm mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Calm, calm meaning is; Calm is the feeling that one is comfortable and peaceful. Calm similar words; tranquil, serene, peaceful, still, stagnant, still, static, quiet, slack, peaceful, restful, tranquil, quiet, serene, hushed, inert, quiet, static, passive, cold, nonchalant, unperturbed, unflappable etc.


  • Opposite of calm Adjective list; agitated, excited, harsh, nervous, rough, uncool, violent, angry, excitable, fierce, frenzied, furious, mad, passionate, roused, ruffled, stormy, turbulent, wild, worried, excessive, immoderate, troubled, uncontrolled, unfriendly, unreasonable, upset, biassed(UK), biased(US) …


  • Opposite of calm Verb list; excite, aggravate, agitate, incite, increase, intensify, irritate, provoke, trouble, upset, worry, worsen, anger, disquiet, distract, inflame, outrage, rouse, ruffle






  • Opposite of calm Adverb list; aflutter


  • Opposite of calm Noun list;  turbulence, agitation, clamour(UK), clamor(US), disturbance, frustration, loudness, noise, wildness, anger, madness, restlessness, storminess, terror, violence


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