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  • What is the opposite of bravery ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Bravery , bravery meaning is; Bravery is also the ability to cope with fear, pain, risk, uncertainty or threat, including boldness, determination, agility, and endurance. “Physical courage” describes the courage to confront a physical pain, difficulty or danger of death, while “moral courage” refers to ethical behavior in the face of majority opposition, shame, scandal, or enthusiasm.


  • Opposite of bravery adjective like cowardly, afraid, careful, cautious, fearful, irresolute, meek, mild, shy, timid, unadventurous, weak, frightened, humble, reticent, retiring






  • Opposite of bravery verb like shrinksurrender, yield, refuse, reject, break down, capitulate, complain, dodge, fear, give up, hide, run, away, skip


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