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  • What is the opposite of bent ?
  • What does bent mean?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Bent, bent meaning is; Bent similar, related words; twisted, spun, bended, thrown, convoluted, twisted, turned, serpentine, oblique, skew, warped, decided, stable, determined, decisive, resolute, recipient, prone, inclined, ability, capability, talent, skill, capacity, grass, lawn, turf, sod, claim, want, request, wish, desire etc.


  • Opposite of bent Adjective list; straight, honest, uncaring, undecided, changeable, flexible, indefinite, irresolute, soft, unfixed, unwilling






  • Opposite of bent Noun list; antipathy, disinclination, dislike, hate, hatred, inability, incapacity, incompetence, ineptitude, ineptness, lack, stupidity, weakness


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