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  • What is the opposite of anger ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of anger , anger meaning is; Anger is the feeling of hostility that they are exposed to in the face of a threat or insult that humans or animals perceive. Anger causes a number of physical changes in the body. For example, blood pressure and heart rate increase, adrenaline and noradrenalin levels are increased in the body.


  • Opposite of angers noun like calm, calmness, cheer, comfort, delight, ease, glee, good, will, happiness, joy, kindness, liking, love, peace, pleasure, agreeability, contentment, enjoyment, good, nature, pleasantness






  • Opposite of angers verb like pacify, aid, alleviate, appease, bore, calm, comfort, compose, delight, help, lull, make, happy, placate, please, quiet, soothe, tranquillize (UK), tranquilize (US), tranquillise (UK), assist, be happy, discourage, mollify, forbear


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